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Those pipe breaks are to systems that had been installed

It’s a whole other matter in terms of the pipes our drinking normal water flows through or the sewer methods that remove waste from our own towns and cities.


It doesn’t take the scorching heat of your wildfire to melt plastic, while. Decisions regarding pipe materials still should be made through the judgment along with experience of professionals who consider a variety of factors in awarding contracts, not special interests pushing a particular advantage that benefits one type of material but aren't what is best for this community.


Often, those pipe breaks are to systems that had been installed fewer than a ten years ago. The chemical leaked in to the water when the plastic pipes melted through the heat of the inferno.


Naturally, they and their families are drinking that water, too, protected special interests move on for their next political fight. That’s where plastic fails the charge test.. We all know local government budgets are usually tight, and there’s no magical weed of money that’s going to drop from the sky.


One of the worst situations we now have seen this year is some sort of town in Northern California that had barely survived a wildfire just for residents to come home and find their mineral water supply had been contaminated by simply benzene.